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the girl
Name:amanda. mander. amanda-beth.
Residence:small town-no where
Grade:freshamn college.
rocking out to the 80s.
marilyn monroe.
rockin out at concerts.
being tan.
doodlin. etc.
new clothes.
pink and black together.
smokin cloves.
reading interesting books.
donnie darko.
johnny depp.
most girls.
bitches and hoes.
waking up for school.
not staying in the shower for atleast an hour.
frizzy hair.
boys who break your heart.
crunching food.
most bugs.
being too hot or too cold.
high school and all the people in it.
+a million other things
the matches.
anything 80s
a static lullaby
alkaline trio
all american rejects
bad religion
blink 182 (old)
bob marley
bowling for soup
box car racer
boy sets fire
boys night out
brand new
bright eyes
coheed and cambria
count the stars
dropkick murphys
from autumn to ashes
further seems forever
green day
home grown
hot hot heat
hot rod circuit
indie rock
jets to brazil
jimmy eat world
less than jake
lynard skynard
marilyn monroe
mighty mighty bosstones
new found glory
no doubt
ok go
part time hero
poison the well
punk rock
riddlin' kids
saves the day
senses fail
smashing pumpkins
story of the year
sum 41
taking back sunday
texas is the reason
the ataris
the beatles
the beautiful mistake
the casualties
the clash
the cure
the distillers
the flaming lips
the getup kids
the hives
the juliana theory
the killers
the movielife
the ramones
the starting line
the strokes
the transplants
the used
the vines
white stripes
if i leave here tomorrow
would you still remember me?
for i'm a speed traveling on now
cause theres too many places
ive got to see
but if i stay here with you girl
things just couldnt be the same
cause im as free as a bird now
and this bird you can not change
lord knows i cant change
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August 19th, 2005
[ mood | amused ]

so in the last month nothing really great has happened...theres good but not EXTRA good. ya know.


i fixed up my livejournal. i was getting bored...and i dont even write in it. sweet.

everything has been goin ruff lately.

i miss people.
i don't miss people.

i'm going to miss people


i'm NOT going to miss people

kinda complicated but if your in my life you know which category you fall into

so i got a job at o'tooles as a waitress...training as a bartender on the side. mad mula.

i took my placement test for my classes. which don't start for a while...but lets just say im in retard math and the highest english college course.

pretty sweet? uh no.

i have classes everyday. but not untill like 11 in the afternoon so i don't really care.

i can't wait for college to start. lotsa new friends and stuff.

i dunno...

i need to loose 100lbs.


thats it

i need a vacation too btw.

i think my mom said newport/block island..

maybe somewhere in NH or something too.


and were moving. soon. like next 2 weeks soon.

and i got a puppy.

shes beautiful..

her name is FOXXY CLEOPATRA. yeah im unoriginal suck a cock.



July 12th, 2005
[ mood | SO AWESOME!! ]

okay so i've been slackin way too much. 2 months behind.

it seriously has been a crazy two months. but i dont regret any of it.

i met a guy...and as amandas story has been going lately that didnt go to well.

i was suppose to go to miami. as you all knew. but what can i say...thats what you get for being friends with people when they think because they have money they can walk all over you and hurt your feelings. well they hurt my feelings for one day...then i realized why am i stressing over this? im not a bad person, they are.

when im rich and famous i will remember how to not let money go to your head and let it decide who your going to be friends with, or how to ruin someones life.

i guess it takes stupid things like this to realize who is your friend, who has been your friend, and who will always be your friend. and i didnt realize this untill my senior year. it kinda sucks because how much of my life have i been missing out on? right. right.

so other then that ive been working alot. im soon to be quitting both of my jobs to start my new job as a bartender, you can visit me at O'tools when i post when im working. haha. or maybe a waitress-i havent decided. whichever i can make more tips with. and with my personality thats a lot so its gonna be hard deciding. im such a bubbly awesome person haha.

so anyways. i always go with the phrase "everything happens for a reason" and im starting to think that its 199% true. i mean it has to right.

hopefully ill be going down to visit dave. begining of august i hope. i need to order me some tickets. and i need a friend to come with me? any takers? i know you all love clearwater more then ur life. hopefully jojo will come.

so i start classes august 31. 6-10 every wednesday. i forget the other days. but im takin some sort of liberal arts class. it should be interesting. i hope theres not a whole lotta weirdos in it.

i guess if there is then it serves me right. if you want to go to college:
1. pick as school that isnt more money then you can afford.
2. when you figure out the school costs more then 6 houses, make sure you apply to 20 schools before its too late. example: worcester state had 3,000+applications for 1,000 spots. and maine is too far away so i decided im not gonna go there either.
3. thats about it haha

but yeah. im applying to either worcester state or umass dartmouth in september. worcester state said i could start in january if i did that. i dunno about umass dartmouth since i just kinda decided id like to go there 3 days ago. but it should be exciting.

i want to get an apartment in boston really bad. i was watching dawsons creek and it just made me want one. i know it sounds lame but w.e.

lets see. ive been shopping a lot. i think its because ive been bored the last couple of days. and because ive been in a not-so-great mood. but shopping always makes me happy.

did i mention i hate my job? thats right. for example today i got in a fight with some lady at drive through because the stupid idiot got 2 iced coffees. not if they were made with both cream but different sugar, or made both decaf with milk or something we would have gladly marked them for her. but she decided she wanted ONE ice coffee with cream and the SECOND with milk. clearly to any eye unless your BLIND the coffees are two different colors. the one with the milk is OBVIOUSLY darker. so she persists to give me an attitude, WHICH one is WHICH?, im like well the milk is whatever one you ordered with the milk and the ligher is with the cream. now if i had given her an attitude back, i could most deffinetly understand but i said it very nicely. so the lady goes WELL YOU MADE ME COFFEE AND YOU DONT EVEN KNOW?! im like actually I didint make your coffee, i ring people up, thats about it. shes like WELL you should maybe ask the person who made it. and by this time i was so fed up...i was like WELL we at the drive through feel as though we dont need to write on the coffees when theres a deffinite COLOR difference in the coffees. shes like YOU know its not that hard doing your job, im like Oh really well this is all from memory and your not the only person in this drive-thru line. and shes like i mean i understand because you only make minimum wage but your job is not hard at all, id expect more. im like OKAy then come in here and do my job i guarantee you wouldnt be able too and she drove away.

please dont act like this at any drive-thru. its sure to piss someone off. and i guarantee you wont like it.

i hate dunkin donuts OFFICIALLY.

alright im done with that.

i need to shower and get ready for tonight. woohooo!




Love just leaves you bruised [Wednesday
May 11th, 2005
[ mood | feelings mean nothing ]

i havent updated in forever...so much has happened.

i thought things were looking up...but as usual they were looking way down.

i have two jobs...i dunno how the hell thats going to work out.

i have two proms coming up.

i love all my friends so much. and i'm almost out of school. i cant believe how much of my life has past. and i cant believe that the one person...that one person is going to be gone in a month. ive never loved anyone...i think thats what sucks about the whole situation. no matter who is going to come along, he will always be compared to him. i hope this changes. or else ill be alone for ever. my worst fear.

so me and chuck were talking again. then he started acting kinda shady. it sucks. a lot.

when am i going to find the perfect boy who will find me to be the perfect girl. i know im getting a little ahead of myself. but i really have no one. and it sucks.

in other news...sex and the city quote.

"As we grow up we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You'll have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder everytime. You'll break heart too, so remember how much you got hurt. You'll fight with your best friend and maybe even fall in love him/her. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing so fast and you'll eventually lose someone that you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too hard, and love like you've never been hurt, because every minute you spend mad or upset is one minute of happiness and joy that you will never get back"

so true.

today was the worst day of my life.

and to top it off...i ruined a really good friendship.

but like it says above...cheers.

its just one of those days where you wish you could be someone else or just like i hate to say this but just not be around any longer.

i just wish everything would fall into place.

my life has always been the better its looking the better it is i set myself up for some type of fall. whether it be family friends or a love. cause thats what my life consists of...a huge AWESOME thing and then the worst thing in the world 2 sec. later.

sleep and never wake up please.

that is all.

no family. no love. the only thing i can think of is "We got nothin to do
and I look at you
I see something that I know and love.
and with the crack of a smile
we all stay a while
we know from home
there aint nothing above.

well in the end
we can all call a friend
well that's something
that i know as true
and then a thousand years
and a thousand tears
i confide in my original crew

cuz to me throughout eternity
theres somewhere where
youre welcome to go
i said it's something free
that means a lot to me
when im with my friends
i feel home"

friends...its all i'll ever have. and all i'll ever be sure of.

sorry its so depressing. but today was depressing. aside of my friends<3

last time i'll write your name. last time i'll write this song.

Oh no
Love just leaves you bruised
If you want to know
Find something to lose

The world won't turn until something breaks
Who will make the first last mistake?
You say good things come to those who wait

Into the spiral
Your world and my world
It's never final
Love just leaves you bruised

I went because you said you'd be there
A box of candy
Smoke in your hair
I didn't know
I didn't care
Now I know
Ba ba ba ba baaaaaa
Love just leaves you bruised


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [Tuesday
April 19th, 2005
[ mood | crazy ]

i havent updated in forever. and while searching for my dress that im dying for prom i found this and it reminded me of the last three years at camp wiggie (YMCA) and how much im going to miss it this year. but then again not miss it cause id love to kill bob eagle. hes mean to me. anyways.

Dennis Song
by ed finch

My hero is only a few years older
but he has been a CIT forever
He wears his helmet and his pads
And doesn't deal with passing fads

I wanna be Dennis
So I can play tennis
Rid on my bike-ah
Then go talk to Mike-ah

Dennis likes to sing and dance
He doesn't yell at campers he gives them a second chance
Dennis is a wannabe skate punk
He knows hot to keep the funk

I wish I was Dennis
So I could play tennis
And ride on my bike-ah
Then go talk to Mike-ah

I am friends with Dennis Lee
He is friends with me


alls we need is mikes instrumentals and we could bring that song back. god damnit.

i'll be looking at the moon, BUT... i'll be seeing YOU...</3 [Sunday
March 27th, 2005
[ mood | tears are pouring ]

Kaceys Birthday.
Daves House.
and Random.

photos.photos.photos.photosCollapse )


</3my heart is dead and its way past beating</3 [Tuesday
March 22nd, 2005
[ mood | broken ]

so a lot has been going on.

i havent updated in forever. and i will post pictures from my life and kaceys birthday.

so i started back with gymnastics.
had a couple of important meetings.

Thursday night was the leaders meeting where we got yelled at by bart because app. we were being rude at the meeting, which i dont think we were. so then i got home from the meeting after we had to stand out in the cold for like 3 hours signing a card and watching people get hit with snowballs. then i come home and louis called and said to meet him at chilis with joj and alex. so i did. i ate the rest of jojos chicken ceasor salad...soooo good.

so friday i turned in all my college stuff, hung out with joe till like 3 in the morning, we went to his friend steves and his gf melissa. they got a new baby kitten it was so cute. and then i had a bright idea to "follow" the moon, it was bright orange with just a piece missing, home cause i couldnt pull over on the highway and take a picture thats dangerous. so i got off. turns out you cant follow the moon. haha.

so then saturday was kaceys surprise birthday!. i went to the mall during the day and bought her this cute sweater and a shirt from hollister. i think she liked it. my mom wrapped it in my barbie paper. lol. so then pat was suppose to come so her friend danielle didnt show up till 9 cause she had to work. im like do you mind going to pick up pat. and shes like i dont really know him so daves like i do ill go. then they wanted me to get my car. so danielle and dave were going to drop me off at my car that was at alexs and go pick him up at his house, cause his ride was already on there way. so danielles like well i dunno where he lives so daves like ill go with amanda. so we get in my car. drive to his house. wait for like 20 min. call him....then hes like oh i decided not to come. sorry. okaaaaay buddy. so then we left went back to kaceys and left around 12ish. i had to squeeze everyone in my carrrrrrrrrr. it was funny i must say. so then i came home.

sunday my mom made me blueberry pancakes. i ate like 3 i was so hungry. then i watched without a paddle (HYSTERICAL MOVIE) then The Notebook which i cried like 4 times. it was so sad. but its amazing how much one person can love someone. so then joe called FINALLY and we went to see Million Dollar Baby, but we went to outback and ate first. sooo good. so then i came home at like 9:30. Called and talked to Eryn her gram passed away saturday. =(

then last night...stayed for directed cause apperantly being in guidance makes you "skipping" out of class. RAR. so then i came home jojo made a cd. then i made one similar. got ready went to gymnastics. picked up my moms perscription came home talked to joe ate some food then took a shower and went to bed. i didnt get a chance to talk to pat. which i really wanted to do. eh w.e.

(i'll post pictures later on today or tomorrow sometime-so watch out now)

so today my angenda is:
directed agaaaiin! kill me.
eryns grams wake.
meeting at the ymca.
getting some dinner.
mucho love ya'll



March 3rd, 2005
[ mood | excited ]



never caught my breath...EVERY second im without YOU im a mess... so kiss me like YOU did... [Tuesday
March 1st, 2005
[ mood | crazy ]

all of my pictures before these can be found at "http://photos.yahoo.com/amandabeth67"

so competition went well. we got 4th out of like 6 or 8...we did good...im proud of us. nipmuc got to move onto regionals because they were placed in division 3, instead of 4. so they were the only team in the dual valley in that division so it qualified them for regionals. they coulda gone out there and looked like shit and still gone to regionals. fucking wicked gay. but hey they got 5th place. they sooked so its all good.

so here is my life once again in pictures...

PICTURES!!!!!PICTURES!!!!Collapse )


bounced from the party cause THE GIRLS ALL HATE HER. [Tuesday
February 8th, 2005
[ mood | cold ]

whatever this is being gay. its not spacing. FUCKERs livejournal can suck a dick. AWESOME FUCKING WEEKEND. i love my girls more then my life. MY 18TH FUCKING BIRTHDAYCollapse ) "is it about me u and the glow in the dark condom?" -anonymous haha


you know YOU DO you kill me well YOU LIKE IT TOO and i can tell! [Wednesday
February 2nd, 2005
[ mood | sleepy ]

today is josh's birthday.

18th birthday

i love him.

"my heart is in New Hampshire"

the end.


...just remember what I TOLD YOU, KEEP MOVING ON, theres NO perfect endings.... [Sunday
January 30th, 2005
[ mood | crushed ]

so yeah not a lot has happened. our boys almost won there game friday. i went out with cat. worked 12-6 saturday. came home. wanted to shower but we were getting new pipes so i couldnt. went to gymnastics/cheerleading. learned our stunting sequence for competition. its pretty fucking awesome. then i left came home. got ready to go to the Y. cat and her sister picked me up. it was really fun at first. and then i just got in one of my moods. it seems everytime i think im over crap, it gets shoved in my face. so then i like get angry about it. and i dont mean to bitch. but when you constantly tell your friends things, and they do the complete opposite of what you explain to them it just kinda sucks. its like everytime i feel good about something. all these feelings that i thought were done and over with come back. its just that look that you give. i dunno. ive been trying since the day i met him to be over the fact that im not good enough. nothing i do. i could be a fucking angel and i still wouldnt be good enough. and this is the first time ive wrote about this in a while. and i ruined a bunch of good things, with friends, with relationships. i do it all the time. and you finally think you find someone for you. and then your just completly and utterly wrong. and how do you just stop loving someone. i over analyze things. im too bold for my own good.

this is my senior year. and its almost been 2 years since ive had a serious relationship. like there was jay. that didnt work out. there was mike. that didnt work out. and then there was you. and since you. ive completly failed at any relationship that ive tried.
whatever that means right.
but i dunno all this senior stuff really makes me realize. theres your friends. theres your best friends. and then theres people who you cant live without.

know who your friends are.
"keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer!"

oh yeah... do this:

1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.

2. I will then tell you what song reminds me of you.

3. Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity, animated or otherwise.

4. Last, I will try to name a single word that best describes you.

5. Put this in your journal.


i completly love you. you cursed me to never be happy. okay so im exadurating. but "why can't i feel anything for anyone other than you?"


SHOULD have said something. but ive SAID IT ENOUGH!....RATHER waste some time with YOU! [Tuesday
January 25th, 2005
[ mood | rejuvenated ]

i havent updated in forever. im sorry. but yeah. im posting it in pictures because i cant even remember half the stuff thats gone on. but i promise i will start updating again. promise. and you all better comment. cause i love comments. but yeah
my life for the past 2 weeks in photosCollapse )

well thats about it.

ive learned a life lesson. me and louis went to boston spontaiously and had the best night of our lives with pat and his friend mitch. well kinda mitch wasnt really there. but you see and talk to people everyday, even your best friends. and you honestly know nothing about people you meet. i mean i love people. its weird i like to just sit and watch people interact. and knowing that they know nothing about someone they sit near. or talk to. or walk by. or buy things from. is the most interesting part. you think you know people. your friends and family. but you really just don't have any idea. its the weirdest thing ive ever figured out. but i learned that this weekend. and im going to live my life exactly how i want to. if i want to do something im going to try my hardest to do something. if i love someone im going to do my hardest to show it. because you only have one life. and you only have one love. and thats all you need to think about. all this time i was trying to be happy and likeable. but nobody is happy. no matter who you are or if you think your truly happy your not. and not everyone is going to like you. and why should you care if someone likes you or not? or someone likes what your wearing. or if someone likes the music you listen to. or god forbid what SHOES your wearing. you shouldnt care. and thats exactly what im going to do. for the rest of my life. not care what other people think. and stand up for myself ALL THE TIME. no more miss "pretend" this is me. you like it or you dont. either way i dont care. i love myself. and as concieted as it sounds i do. i wouldnt change me for anyone. well maybe id quit smoking. but only if i wanted to. maybe ill stop drinking. maybe i will wear black and blue together. but probably not. because this is me.

that goes for everyone. dont let people walk on you. and stick up for yourself.

you have one life. live it. dont let other people live it.

today was dumb. cheerleading/gymnastics sucked. i think i might quit. i hate it. the people are really mean and awfull. i dunno. im going to sleep on it. im actually going to go shower since it took me forever to do all of this. sorry so many pictures. it was just a must. so anyways. then i went to visit heatha to complain. and kate, aaron, and the kid chris was there. and aynsley came. and it was funn. that kid chris is nice. i told him about my dream. i think he was weirded out. actually i kinda dont. but i really have no idea. but it wasnt like a gross sicko dream it was just weird cause i had never talked to him or really seen him or anything or didnt even know his name. but it was cool. i invited him and aaron to erins. hopefully they come. haha. well then i came home. and then i wrote all of this. and i feel good. sooooooooooo
shower time.

tomorrow=half day.

it will consist of:

chink food.
good times.
mad pictures.

have fun guysss.


i hate peaches. i like sausage. okay sexual inuando. funny or not? no idea [Thursday
January 6th, 2005
[ mood | cold ]

a lot has happened...

but yeah. new years eve was great. i got so smashed. i got pictures. but i dont feel like posting them all. haha... i might though...
so yeah school has been boring.

snow day today.

i had a docters apointment. i have to go to a docter about my headaches and i need to go get blood work cause i may be anemic. or thats waht they think.

im waiting for my mom so i can go to erins. i was there like tuesday or monday actually. we played DDR it was the best thing in my life.
i hope we play that today<3

i want it.

birthday? i think so.

so yeah by the way ima be 18 in 29 days.

how hot is that?


so yeah um no meeting tonight. no game either. dinner with cat i think. good im hungry.

me and my mom went out to breakfest though.

i need to play DDR where is my mumma.

god damn.

yeah so im going to go keep myself busy.

ill post pictures later...

call me;-)


Movin’ to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches
I’m movin’ to the country I’m gonna eat me a lot of peaches
I’m movin’ to the country I’m gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin’ to the country I’m gonna eat a lot of peaches
Peaches come from a can they were put there by a man
In a factory downtown
If I had my little way I’d eat peaches everyday
Sun soakin bulges in the shade

Movin’ to the country I’m gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin’ to the country I’m gonna eat a lot of peaches
I’m movin to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches
Movin’ to the country gonna eat a lot of peaches

I took a little nap where the roots all twist
Squished a rotten peach in my fist
And dreamed about you woman
I poked my finger down inside makin’ a little room for a ant to hide
Nature’s candy in my hand or can or a pie

Millions of peaches peaches for me
Millions of peaches peaches for free
Millions of peaches peaches for me
Millions of peaches peaches for free

Look out

Millions of peaches peaches for me
Millions of peaches peaches for free
Millions of peaches peaches for me
Millions of peaches peaches for free

Look out


and if its OVER just remember what i told you...it was bound to happen SO just KEEP MOVING ON! [Wednesday
December 29th, 2004
[ mood | energetic ]

...theres no perfect endings...

here are pictures from ...PICTURES...Collapse )</center>

last night was so much fuN!!!! and yah...so today im going shopping with cat...should be fun... were going to the mall...then to the movies... but before i have a docters appt. kill me now...then im going tanning...then going to get her...so ill be gone all night...

<33 amandabeth

so if you made it
just be glad that you did and stay there
if you ever feel loved or needed
remember that youre one of the lucky ones
and if its over
just remember what i told you
it was bound to happen so just...
keep moving on

theres no perfect endings

you peeled back the layers
and get down to the inside
but sometimes you loose sight
of what it was you were trying to find

and its that sort of thing
that makes you think too much
its that sort of thing
makes you lose your objectivity


<3xi DONT care what THEY say about US anyways...i DONT care bout that!x<3 [Monday
December 27th, 2004
[ mood | crazy ]

so heres a huge long ass entry wrapped up into about 4 paragraphs. or less.

so mr. fraga has yet to finish my recomendation...he keeps saying "almost done" fucking retard. must be a scientist thing. hes awesome though so i cant be mad.

so all my applications and everything are being sent out as soon as he finishes wich kinda sucks. so anyways.

went to the mall with erin to do christmas shopping. which is hard to do when your trying to buy presents for her cause she keeps saying I LIKE THIS but you dont have to get it for me...blah blah. haha mad funny. then we ate at au bon pain. which was alright. there asiago bagels werent half as good as panera. but hey you take what you can get especially at 9:30 when everything was closing up. soooks.

thursday was the pep rally. and i have bruises up and down my arms from jessica flailing into them. and by flailing i mean pounding into my arms. we sooked. well i mean we did as best as we could possibly do learning a NEW thing 3 days before the pep rally. way to go guys. EH! so yeah us seniors are awesome. we won banner AGAIN second year in a row cause last year we beat the seniors. they didnt do class spirit. but we won last year. and WE DEFFINETLY won again this year. we had like 50 million things of silly string so OF COURSE it got all over the floor. and our lovely "intelligent" class officers decided to wipe it up with water. hmmm since when do smart people not know that water and oil dont mix? um yeah so half of the JV basketball game and our varsity game got cancelled. it was funny. so i stayed in. cleaned my whole entire room wrapped presents and eventually went out for the night. exciting shit went down (pass the glass) not going to get into it. but interesting indeed.

gifts from friends:
froggy pants. scarf. smelly bath stuff YUMM. picture holder. love. comfy pants with little birrddyss. picture of me and her sexy self. lots of candy and love. Matching pjs. candy. gloves. love.

so friday i went shopping all day. first i picked up my bonus check cause my reg. check wasnt in. gave carla her secret santa gift. got mine. megan got me a gift certificate. cashed my bonus check. saw jayson and kevmac. gave jayson a hug and wished him happy holidays since he got fired and all. i love that kid im going to miss him!!! more then life<33. so then i went to my bank. got my check. carla gave me a huge hug and thanked me and wished me happy holidays. shes too cute for words. went back to my bank. then headed to the mall. did a ton of shopping. then went to newburry comics. bought my mom this wicked cool anthology thing of the beatles. fucking 70 bucks. actually 74 with tax. well worth it though. she deserves it. so then i came home. went back to the mall to help my mom finish shopping for me. well actually just get a couple of last min. things. we were like the last ones in every store. she got me this wicked cute zip up and new gloves from hollister and a gift certificate to hollister and pac sun. and victoria secret. then we left. we got dinner before at LaCantina. so we got tarimisu to go. I LOVE there tarimusu.

then i came home. wrapped all my gifts for my mom and went to bed.
christmas was awesome.
i got a new digital camera which is ten times better then my old one.
a case for my digital camera.
tons of clothes.
tanning package
a gift certificate to delias and abercrombie.
$80 dollers for the jacket i already bought
DVDS: somethings gotta give, 50 first dates, napoleon dynamite, donnie darko directors cut (its coming in the mail at the end of january (TOO EXCITED FOR WORDS)), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, simple life 1 &2 and a gift certificate to Blockbuster to get some more DVDS.
A new hairstraightner which i havent formally gotten yet but ive seen the picture and its from the salon its pIMP! and products to protect my hair
brush set from stila (MY FAVORITE OF ALL)
new foundation
hair straightening stuff (its pink and smells yummy)
and the zip up, gloves, hollister-vickies and pac sun gift certificates that i knew about.

plus 3 more things on back order which i dont kno what they are. SHOULD BE INTERESTING. gotta love my mom!!!!

then i sat around all day watching DVDS and figuring out my camera. ate junk. my mom left to find a store that was open and to get gas. then we went to my aunts to eat with that side of the family. then i went to my dads side. but of course my dad wasnt there...i guess he spent christmas with his gf. god i hate him sometimes. he sent me a card. and hes getting me a new cell phone. but who can stand someone thats only there 1/4 of the time. he drives me insane. so then we went to pago-pago later on that night to have a christmas "dinner" chink style with a couple of my moms old friends and there kids. WICKED FUNNY. my mom had like two drinks (2 beer queer) and she was playing with her skin on her face pushing it up to make it look skinnier saying this is how i look this is how i did look and everyone around us was like "are you serious" haha. sooo hilarious.

so i came home. showered. got ready and talked online. talked to dave. sent him this message with my camera. i made him a sign. it was cute. the sign of course. i havent talked to him ina while. im glad hes doing good. and im glad his mommy came home for christmas. hes a good kid.

so then i went to bed. and woke up to go to work 8-3. it sucked.

then i came home...showered. got ready and went to the howleys to have ANOTHER christmas dinner with my moms friends. and MY FRIENDS <3 i missed cat. we had fun. our parents sat in the kitchen getting drunk and playing some wicked gay game and they were laughing and listening to really loud oldies and christmas music. it was so amusing. we watched home alone and ren and stimpy and jackass. and went outside and smoked. and massages and played mexican train dominos which is actually a really fun game. and it was fun. and yeah. brought back old memories.

and were planning on a new years eve fucking BAA--YSSHH! its going to be sweet. the adults can have there "party" and we can have ours. fucking tooled out mayn.

so now im home.

going tanning tomorrow. then the mall..then the movies.

and i still need to get a couple more presents for the people i didnt finish presnets. and were all hanging out one day this week to either go to a movie or go out to dinner.

so yeah.
call me

oh and ill have pictures tomorrow so check back =)


Uh huh, this is my shit
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Ooooh ooh, this my shit, this my shit


December 16th, 2004
[ mood | crazy ]

Scott Tenorman12 (9:29:31 PM): shut up I am skinny bitch


good laughs.

so yeah i havent been online for like 3 days cause my mom brang me grapefruit the other morning and spilt nyquill all over my keyboard and mouse resulting in COMPUTER NOT WORKING. well actually just the mouse and keyboard. so tuesday night i went to the mall. by myself. bought some clothes. ate some food. came home and went to bed.

wednesday was the field trip to the museum of fine arts. interesting i must say.
we set off like 300 alarms... it was too funny. then we ate lunch. then we did NOTHING and tyler got suspended for smoking weed. i guess his mom called and yelled at the school. mad funny. we sang and talked about old times on the bus. it was so funny.

then we were suppose to get "talked to" when we got back but they let us leave and took tyler up. he wasnt even the one doing it.

so then today was boring. we had an essembly. i bet they called as soon as they suspended tyler and was like "we need a essembly to tell the kids how bad drugs are PRONTO" its funny how these things only pop up after field trips were people bring contraband and stuff. sketch ball central.

so then i went to cheerleading. which im already starting to get pissed because no one understand how MY KNEE does not WORK correctly. fucking retards i swear. but as long as the other groups are happy who cares right? noo.

so then i came home. called erin. she told me this long speil about how heatha saw dave at the celtics game. hm. cool? so then we went to dunkins to visit aynsley. FREE ICE CREAM DAY cause were closing baskins cause were making NO MONEY.

sucks. and tomorrow (friday) im suppose to go see chucks band cause im dieing to hear this song he wrote about me but of course jason and sean got fired so OF COURSE now i have to work. mother fuckers. NIGGAS BE TRIPPIN!

so yeah then i went to the purse party. i bought my mom a purse and wallet for christmas. gucci. very cute. she likes it. i gave it to her early.
then i left. came home. went to bed. even the new mouse and keyboard DONT MAKE THE COMPUTER FUNCTION CORRECTLY. so there sending us an HP one tomorrow (friday)

so lets see.

then today was school. i squished mikes pudge. and he liked it. he had that smirk. (WOW keep that shit to yourself)

so yeah then cheerleading. ima end up killing someone by the end of the season.

then home. then y. then panera. then cats. then OC. im starting to like that show. but its like a bad soapopera. it kinda sucks.

so yeah.

i got new pictures. from erins and such. ill post em tomorrow in accounting or something.

tomorrow. school. check. cheerleading. work with aynsley. my life sucks. haha. then saturday im going to brookes with cat? and dereck comes home tomorrow. hopefully he murders bruce so i dont have to deal with him.

yeah thats about it.



booo... YOU WHORE! [Monday
December 13th, 2004
[ mood | curious ]

"The Republican National Committee announced today that the Republican Party is changing its emblem from an elephant to a condom. Governor Marc Racicot, RNC chairman, explained that the condom more clearly reflects the party's stance today, because a condom accepts inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're getting screwed."


oh and that peterson guy DIDNT get life in prison he got death penalty. which kinda makes me angry. he got off way too easy. fucking BASTARD. i hope you rot in hell.
i said my peace...

so lets see

wednesday i had practice. it was okay. our coach got "talked to" then she came back and yelled a little. it was maddd gay. so then i came home and got ready and waited for aynsley and erin. then we headed to the mall. and ate lotsa food at Johnny Rockets. then we went to Hollister. Aynsley bought a shirt for her brother. i bought a magazine. read the article about brand new and its like "this album is going to be for the millions who DIDNT buy the last one" or something like that. fucking GAY shiiiiiiit! i was like wtf. just make music how u want it. if no one likes it then thats there own fault. and the people who like it are probably the only fans anyways. i mean there albums have been so good and there trying to impress a bunch of people who dont carE? wtf is that. i loved deja entandu and he goes on to explain how he could have done better, granted hes a perfectionist but STILL! wtf mate.

so then we went to American Eagle. and i bought my first Christmas gift. for Erin. its a cute shirt. but shh..actually i think she knows. obviously thats not all. and i couldnt really get anything else cause aynsley and erin where both there. and im getting heatha a gift certificate so she can buy the led zepplin box set thats 150 dollers. what a shit. haha. and some other things. so ummm. i need some MULA. which my mom goes "why are you trying to get your friends presents, you know I buy the presents. im like WTF. so yeah shes going to have to buy some. especially if i want to get her the beatles thing and that CD she wants so effin badly. uhh so many things i want to get for my mumma. i made out my chirstmas list. so if you see anything you wanna get me then let me know;-)

so anyways then we left. i came home and went to bed.

thursday i went to school. found out our cheerleading coach quit. i guess we didnt listen to her ideas and blah blah. everyones like "well she sucked anyways" but she didnt. they say that about everyone who doesnt do what they want. i can tell that cheering this year is going to suck (people wise) i mean were all going to do wicked but the team itself just personalitys SUCK! fuck that shit. im going to do what i do at work. be nice that pisses people off SO MUCH.

so yeah thne i had work 3-6. jelly told us about his 2 gfs. what a pimp. and how its too much "push push" i came to realize this brazillian term ment "sex" haha.
then he told us about his 6 year old kid that he had at 17 and his gf was 21. um. wow. and his dad wont let them get married and shit. and his mom and sister are coming in january. tis a fun night.

so then i came home changed went to my hair appt. it didnt come out exactly as planned because when she pulled the dark brown/red into my hair it faded the blonde so bad that it blended in. so i went home. got ready for bed. and fell asleep.
guess who started talking to me again? jay. yeah its kinda weird. i hate him so much. but then i feel bad for hating him. but w.e. we'll see how this goes.

so friday i did pretty much nothing. untill i came home and called cat. i started watching white chics it was funny. i only watched half. she invited me to go with her to fall river to a lazer tag place. i was like this is so gay but i was bored. so i went to her house. her car wouldnt start. then we went to get gas (bruce decided to tag along) then we went to her school. met up with her friends. got pizza. there was some girl who was being a bitch to me. i was like woaah. then we got to the place and played lazer tag. i sucked so bad. i got like -14000 it was so terrible.

so then we left. it was POURING. we went to mcdonalds. and these wicked ghetto girls were like signing that snoop dog song and they said it so FREAKING hilariously it was like "i got a blue flag hangin out my backSYYYDE only of the left sYDDE yeaaah thats the crip SIIYYYDE!" it was like omg so funny.

so then we went back. played again. i did better this time. then we left and went to stop and shop. then came back. i was so soaked. i was running and jumping in puddles. then we played the last game. then we left. it was pouring even harder we ran ran ran to the car. then we left. i didnt sleep at cats. then i came home. went online changed. took a quick shower and went to bed.

saturday i woke up. got dressed. watched the rest of white chics so fucking hilarious (BF- BITCH FIT)so funny. wow. so then i went to get my hair highlighted. i got the cool girl. shes so nice. shes wicked wicked pretty. her fake id expired so she was trying to use this girl at works fake id but she didnt know if she needed it. it was funny.

so then after i payed her. left. went out to eat with my mom. we went to longhorns. but at this place called "the shoppes" its like 5 bellingham plazas put together with like 10x more stores. and its got a movie theatre. deff gotta go back there.

so then i came home. got ready and went to work. worked till 10 with jason. was pretty fun. then came home and went to bed.

woke up went to work for 5 AM. because sean is working for me FRIDAY 6-10 so i can go to chucks show so i can possibly FINALLY hear this song he wrote about me. should be interesting. but not so tonight (monday) i went into work and found out that sean and jason got fired because sean stole from the register. $200 or something. im like WTF someone better be coverin my ass for friday. doubt it though. so anyways. i worked. went to the bank. stuck money in my account. came home. chilled. ate some GRAPEFRUIT. i love love love grapefruit. then i took some nyquill and went to bed at like 8ish.

monday: woke up this mornin. so tired. that stuff does not ware off well. went to school. stayed for my math test. went to practice. danielles mom is the coach now. and felix is going to be our coach tuesdays and fridays and we get to use the gym for practice. we are going to be sick nasty cheerleaders this year. now alls i need is lotsa physical therapy and ill be back. (knock on wood)

so yeah thats about it. then i went to work (like i said) then i went to walmart. i saw my sister jen and the baby. hes so freaking cute. saw the camera that actually want instead of the one my mom has probably already bought me for christmas.
funny huh.

so now im home. need to get ready for bed. cause im going to sleep in like 10 sec. haha.

thats about it.

wednesday field trip to boston to look at an art museum and ERIN AND JUSTINE ARE HAVING A PURSE PARTY. i cant wait. ive been waiting to get a new purse. woot woot.

so yeah. and tomorrow. i might go christmas shopping. sound like fun.

<33amanda beth


do YOU wanna take ME ON! [Saturday
December 11th, 2004
[ mood | guilty ]

haha fun times...

well no update till monday.

if you look in my last entry i have pictttuuures!

but here are some interesting facts. and i need to have sex. right now.


1. Sex is a beauty treatment. Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth.

2. Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering
dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow.

3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner.

4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscle in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps, and you don't need special sneakers!

5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of
euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being.

6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the
opposite sex crazy!

7. Sex is the safest tranquilizer in the world. IT IS 10 TIMES MORE

8. Kissing each day will keep the dentist away. Kissing encourages saliva to wash food from the teeth and
lowers the level of the acid that causes decay, preventing plaque build-up.

9. Sex actually relieves headaches. A lovemaking session can release the tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain.

10. A lot of lovemaking can unblock a stuffy nose. Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever.



December 7th, 2004
[ mood | flirty ]

so yeah yesterday was fun.

first school. which was okay. i entered my thingy in the fuckin art show. and it didnt win shit. LIKE i said. some down sydrome pieces. i wonder if she writes "special needs child" on the back just so they win. its not art. its SLACKING off to get A DESCENT GRADE. all this art is making me want to go to school for art. i need all my shit into guidance by friday. and frankly i havent done shit. nor do i feel like doing shit. i think dartmouth, in order to go there for nursing, you need to be an RN (registered nurse) so i dunno. im going to go pull a panic attack in guidance tomorrow. should be fun.

so i left early. went to the bank. cahsed my check. went to my work. came home. got ready. went to directed study for math. errr i hate mathhhh. then i made plans with erin to go out at like 5: so we went to fashion bug to look for a job. they werent hiring. so we were going to go to kohls but we decided not since everyone got caught shop lifting blah blha. so we went to target. where we filled out at thing for like seriously an hour. then we danced around to 80*s and 90*s music. then we left. went to panera. ate food. came home.

all and all a fun fun fun night. haha

so then this morning i like ran to school cause i was late. but i told her i was there. and she believed me. or she didnt but let it slide. whichever.

i was in a good mood all day. which is good. mr. fraga was being funny. but chris left cause he didnt feel good. so i had NO ONE to harass with jeff shortttt. haha so i left to run home. came back. left class early (senior privlages) as chris calls it. haha. so the rest of the day was boring. math test was hard. i hope i did descent though. i tried i really did. then i had to go to mrs. thompsons room. but first i ran home and changed for cheering. we had to write an argumentative paper. i hate writing on demand like that. it suckkkked. so then me and mrs thompson talked. mitch was being funny he thought he did really well on the comma test but he got like an 80something. i forget. but it was funny. so then i ran to practice. we learned the dance. its alright. we tried new stunt groups. i hate not being able to do some things yet. it really just pisses me off. i still have my backhandspring though. so "PLLLLPPPP" haha i cant make the sticking out toungue moving sound on the computer. but thats what i just did.

so yeah then i came home. got ready. went with erin to CVS dropped off pictures. went to subway. went back to CVS picked up the pictures and now im back here. i bought chocolates. and i shared one with eirn you know being nice and all. AND she takes my favorite one. and im like BUT BUT BUT and she chews it all upppp. wahhh. we saw jenna. and harassed her the whole time though. it was quite fun. these pictures are so funny


so yeah... now im just chillen...listening to the used.

so yeah ive decided that once i get my digital cameras im going to put a pictures of mr. fraga up! haha

have a great night<33

<3amanda beth


so heres a present to let you know i still exist. [Monday
December 6th, 2004
[ mood | artistic ]

Thursday...cheerleading...home...meeting...went and got hot chocolates for me and cat. then picked her up...meeting went alright. i feel fine about it cause i know im better then them so like i dont have to sit there and be "scared" to talk. or w.e.

we talked about tuesday. i guess some girl rob knows got her ass kicked. i find it hilarious because you dont just get your ass kicked. people pick you out and are like "im going to slam into her and show her" or him or whoever. hes like Yeah she got her ass kicked and i just laughed.

i told pat how i saw that girl he is friends with, the one that looks like a horse. and we were trying to light her hair on fire and blowing smoke in her rat nest hair. shes soo ugly.

so then me and cat left so we could go watch the OC wooohoo. actually ive never watched it before. so we went to DQ and bought food then went back to her house. we saw creed and we were waving and shit. it was funny.

then i left.

friday was dumb. i had cheering. then i came home. went to work from 6-10. then i went out. i worked with mackenzie. things always seem to go by a lot faster when your working with someone who actually knows what there doing.

saturday. got to sleep in. went to cash my check but i realized that the bank was closed. so i borrowed money and went to work till 6. then waited for everyone. we all went to wrights chicken farm. soooo YUMMY. ate lotsa food. sang happy birthday to mackenzie. ate cake. it was really gross though. then we left. smoked some weed on the way home. it was fun. then we went back to dunkins. i got some ice coffee.

then we went to heathas. it was very interesting. aaron was there. they left to go and get food. we went downstairs and waited. watched the wizard of oz with the pink floyd cd. it didnt work. probably because aaron sat on the clicker and hit re-wind. then he shut off the cd. it was a mess.

so then heatha drove me home. and everyone left.

went to bed.

woke up sunday. got ready. left the house around 1:00ish. went out to La Cantina with my mom. then DSW and i bought some cool socks. my mom was like im not buying you anything...blahblah. but she did. then i dropped her off. and went to walmart. then i went to AC Moore and i figured out what im doing for everyone for a part of their christmas giffts! im not going to say though...its a surprise.

so then i went to pet smart and looked at the kitty and birds. they had birds that were kissing and there was this really pretty one and it was only $20.00 and i wanted it. then i looked at the little furball thingys. like the hampsters and stuff. it was awesome. then i left and came home.

then i cleaned my room. took a shower. watched a movie and went to bed.

well thats all. quick update.

im bored and im in German.

15 min. left. then art. i better have won something in that gay art show. and not some clay that was plopped together...that it looks like a kid with downs made it. or ima be sooo maddddddddd.

ill post all my art stuff on here latterrish.

killl me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.



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